Friday, February 17, 2012

Lancome's Spring 2012 make up collection launches with make up parties!

Lancome has launched their Spring make up collection and what better way than to have a make up party to celebrate looking pretty ☺

The Roseraie des Delices is all things pretty with pastels and shades of green and pink that will make you look and feel like a princess or that you’re surrounded by a garden of flowers.

I myself had the opportunity to attend their make up party at the Parkson Pavilion counter and truly enjoyed the make up ‘workshop’.

Using the colours from the Spring collection, the make up artists will be guiding you through a step-by-step make up lesson on how best you can use those colours. Unlike other make over sessions when you purchase a certain amount during launches like this, Lancome decided that they would not just do the make up for you. Instead, you will be personally taught on how you can apply the colours as they demonstrate on one half of your face and you can then try it on the other half yourself.

the busy counter...

Although you’d always think that a beauty blogger is an expert at applying make up, I found myself a little nervous when it comes to applying eye colours. This is because there are way so many techniques to apply them and there are always new ways to try to make the best out of the 4 or 5 colours that usually come in a palette. Hence, I find that the make up party is a perfect way to throw in a valuable ‘gift’ for the customers, via the personal tutorial.

I intended to take a photo of the eye colours and was pleasantly surprised to see one of my eyes nicely captured reflected by the mirror of the compact ;) oh, mind the fingerprint marks, though...

Don’t be mislead by the pastel colours…. I was surprised that the pink actually stood out when applied on my eyelids. I like the colour transfer and how the pigments can be light but come out stronger when layered on. And the technique to apply was really simple unlike how I’d apply eye shadows on a regular day. If you’d want to find out more, please do visit the Lancome counters to discover it for yourself.

On the left, is a peachy coloured blusher. And on the right is how the blusher actually looks like brand new! Apparently, when it is used many times, the highlighter (the white shade above the pink rose) will mix with the pink and transform the rose into a peachy tone. Don't be put off by this effect because the colour is actually very pretty on the skin and takes only a few swirl of the brush for it to tranform you into a pretty princess! :)

don't you think I looked radiant? ;) I love the lip colour. I had on 321 and colour fever gloss 310.

With the make up party, I also learnt the type of foundation suitable for my current skin concern and the shade that's perfect for my skin tone. But I especially loved that I was able to discover a concealer that made the eye colours stay on way til night time, even after a heaty experience cooking in the kitchen. Yes, with my make up on haha...

And if you purchase products worth RM500 during the party, you will receive this gift set. I don't know about you, but I hardly buy for the sake of getting the gift sets unless I know for sure I would be replenishing my products anyway.

And what better way than to smile perdy in front of all the busy people, working at the counter ;) thank you, Ms Paris B, for this photo... you take great candid shots *errkksss*

I went home admiring the blusher... pretty, no?

Their eyeshadow palettes retail at RM140, the blusher is RM120, the Le French Touch lipsticks cost RM80 and the Color Fever Gloss is RM70.

The Roseraie des Delices is available at all Lancome counters nationwide but the make up parties are only held at these places and you would need to book a slot with them for the make up workshop (check them out this weekend!):
Isetan KLCC (03-23820281) - 18 Feb
Parkson KLCC (03-23820280) - 19 Feb
Sogo KL (03-26944378) - 19 Feb

For more information, you can always check their Facebook page as they have frequent updates on their events and promotions.


beetrice said...

that's a gorgeous blush dearie, and both of you look awesome! :)

toughcookie said...

hiya beetrice,
thanks! :D

Jean said...

glad to meet you again today! =D
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