Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Liquid Talc by Mothercare - your answer to baby's musky smell.

I don't know about you but I love the smell of babies... they have this strange musky smell that is almost heavenly and I miss smelling my pwincesh Jada after she grew out of that smell.

However, with the new little guy, the musky smell could get pretty intense... so intense that I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable with it and I believe that he is too. I guess with the super hot and humid weather we have and the fact that he can't really stand the air-condition, he would sweat so much, giving out an intense odour especially in the afternoon and the morning when he wakes up from sleep.

Now I for one, do not believe in putting on talcum powder on babies. I don't. Studies have shown that it can do more harm than good. Once when Jada was sweating mad on a hot day, she developed some heat rashes and we decided to forgo this belief so that she can be more comfortable and dry. True enough, 3 days later, she started coughing and sneezing, with a runny nose. Once we stopped putting talcum powder, the problem went away.

But seriously, I can't possibly stand seeing the little guy this way. He already has some heat rashes in the folds of his chubby neck and I can see that the area of the rashes have spread a little in a week. Thus, I remember of this product I once tried on Jada when she was very little...

the Mothercare Baby Liquid Talc - yes, I got it during the current Mothercare sale :)

I am not sure if you can find any other brands with this miracle magic - it is a baby lotion that transforms into talc when the lotion dries up on baby's skin. Therefore, you eliminate the risk of loose talc flying in the air and inhaled into baby's respiratory system when you apply it to your baby as how normal baby powder works.

the product packaging states it all clearly...

The best part is, it smells awesome - fresh and clean. I love how the little guy now smells... if you think the musky baby scent is heavenly, wait til your baby smells of this liquid talc :)

the full description on the back label.

On a very warm day, Jebat will smell fresh until around 1pm when he starts to sweat but since I would freshen him up before he sleeps, that will be the only time when he smells musky.

Helllooo heaven, bubye musky.


Shital Amin said...

Love how you put down your words :-))
I just arrived in India (45°) and its HOT! I too hate talcum powders.. Couldn't find cornstarch, so had to use Johnson(!!!!) for few days..

Finally found this lovely lotion talc and I love the smell :-)

thumbs up for it!

James Brown said...

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