Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally, maternity wear spells G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

A lot of women would tell me they don't believe in spending for maternity wear... in fact, they'd tell me that it'd be more economical if you'd buy clothes in bigger size during your pregnancy because not only will you be able to wear them clothes after the pregnancy, but you'd look really gorgeous as well.

I will have to agree only until my 2nd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy. Once I hit my third trimester, nothing fits anymore and it was even worse during my latest pregnancy as I wasn't able to wear anything non-maternity coming to my 2nd month. READ: 2nd month!

Therefore, I struggled to look for comfy maternity clothing that do not make me look like a frock. Sadly, the majority of our local maternity stores carry designs that are so blahhh, they make me want to puke. I mean, come on... you already feel fat when you're pregnant... you don't need to have clothes that make you actually look plump and frumpy.

And if people tell me non-pregnancy clothes flatter them since they can be worn during pregnancy and after, I feel that good maternity wear should also look flattering when worn post-pregnancy - from my previous pregnancy with Jada, I did find some stuff that make me look really good post-pregnancy. Therefore, I have this firm belief that maternity clothing can still be worn long after one has given birth yet doesn't look pregnant at all...

.....and so, I'd like to share with all of you on my recent find of gorgeous affordable maternity pieces that will flatter a pregnant woman yet is designed to be worn even after she has delivered her baby. I know there are many out there but these are my ultimate favourite!

(photo credit: Bangsar Village II)
Spring Maternity was an accidental find. I love going to Mothercare to get stuff for Jada and the little guy and I made sure not to miss checking out their maternity collection - their tops and swimwear are really comfy. But the collection in Mothercare BSC is very limited and that made me google them up online. I seriously thought they are the product of the UK and was very surprised when I find out from the net that they originate from Singapore! The best part is, they now have a store in Bangsar Village II.

I love their collection because they are so comfortable, their collection ranges from tank tops to dinner dresses and they have a huge array of designs that are nursing-friendly. I tell you, Spring Maternity is sorta like god's gift to pregnant women in Malaysia! I was at the store and spent close to an hour trying out so many clothes. I can't possibly afford to buy each one of them but I had super fun trying out almost all of them, I kid you not!

I like that their sales promoters are very friendly and helpful, and they even have baby stuff and intimates, not just maternity wear. I love the stuff in there so much that I was even snapping up items even in my final month of pregnancy. In fact, I wore one pregnancy-cum-nursing top a few days ago for my follow-up check up with my gynae and one elderly woman who saw me was surprised I looked really 'slim' 2 weeks post-delivery (she actually thought I was already out of my confinement period!). The fact was, there was still a bulge but unnoticeable, unless you look long and hard enough ;P

(photo credit: Gingersnaps Facebook)
Now this was another accidental find... I received a shopping voucher from Mothercare during a sale and decided to check it out. At that time, Gingersnaps only had one outlet in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

They have children clothes but their maternity wear is so lovely. I find that their designs are so classy - they have the demure and polished look that make one stand out as the most comfortably best dressed pregnant woman. Most of the tops are linen-like cotton in very subtle and sweet colours, making your every day maternity look appear relaxed and calm.

Since I discovered them only in my last 2 months of maternity (and my bump was super-huge), I didn't think any of the tops made me look 'thinner' but then again, I might have had some super hormone attacks that threw me off from buying them. Then again, a lot of the size that I wanted in some of the designs were not available then, but I did fall in love with their sleek pants. Their pants are made of the material that is almost khaki-like but with a sheen, making you look oh so corporate wearing it to work. Pregnant, yet able to pull off a corporate look is a winner to me. Best of all, they are so comfy.

Gingersnaps has another outlet in KLCC next to Mothercare. And until end of this year, VIP members of Mothercare also enjoy 10% discounts on the items sold in Gingersnaps. I'd say, that's worth adding them in my maternity list.

(photo credit: Funky Mama Facebook)
Funky Mama was discovered back during my pregnancy with Jada. At that time, they were sold in Isetan KLCC (not anymore). I got many of its tops which I still wore til today and I always get compliments when I wear their tops to work. Apparently, they look 'classy'. My best friend, Nicole, also swore by their gorgeous maternity range.

Throughout my last pregnancy, I got so many stuff from here because at that time, I haven't yet discovered Gingersnaps nor Spring Maternity, therefore this was my haven. However, coming to my third trimester, they have closed down their outlet in Gardens, Mid Valley and although they have an e-online website, it is still under maintenance til now. Hence, I am not sure what's their latest development although they do have a facebook page that you can check out.

Another worthy place to check out maternity and nursing wear is Fabulous Mom but I have never been to their retail outlets and have only been buying online through their online website... I have not bought anything from their maternity line but have gotten serious good stuff on nursing wear - intimates and tank tops, and I think they are as fabulous as their name. Best of all, they are so affordable.

I admit that there are many other worthy stores that may sell maternity clothing but from my observation, they are not very comfortable (the material are not those breathable or stretchable kind), their designs are unattractive and inconsistent, and for those local brands, they are just so expensive.

Do you have other brands you prefer and would like to share?


Li Yen Lim said...


there's another online store which sells maternity & baby clothes.. their website is Maybe you can check them out. =)

toughcookie said...

hi yen lim,
thanks for the link. i've checked the website but found their maternity/nursing line extremely limited. as per my entry, i was looking high and low for gorgeous maternity clothing which is pretty scarce in our local market.

but thanks for sharing the link. at least you've given the readers another option.

Aansy Stone said...

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