Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Zealand Natural's Durian Divine & Nescafe foamy 3-in-1 is a potent mix when taken together ;P

Let's talk about F&B :D

Ok, I was intrigued by a write-up in NST about New Zealand Natural's latest offering called, Durian Divine. I love durians but the write-up did say that the taste would be a little lighter ('less rich' were the words used) than the actual fruit but I was game to try it, regardless.

... and was truly glad that I did. The taste was heavenly.... to me, that is. It doesn't have that strong pungent fragrant you get from the actual fruit but I must say that this is no light punch. As the name states, it tastes divine... sinful even because you get that creamy taste of a durian, but with additional fat from the ice cream ;D

They do not cheat when they made this too... because each bite will bring you to la la land as you sink your teeth into small bits of durian pulp that can get stuck in between your teeth, if you savour it too quickly!

The tip is to bite little by little, enjoy each and every moment you have with the ice cream because I'm telling you, it will finish up sooner than you think, if you love durians the way I do ;)

The junior scoop (single scoop) is priced at RM6.90, double scoop costs RM11.90 while triple scoop is RM14.90. You can enjoy it in a cup or a cone but if you want to fully enjoy the durian taste, I would recommend that you have it in a cup ;)


For this fasting month, I would always have a mug of nescafe after breaking fast. I was using up all my previous stock of nescafe 3-in-1 sachets and was excited to try out the latest one - where Harith Iskandar said in the ad that his wife thinks the foamy layer of nescafe reminds her of him (or his bald head). Seriously, I was intrigued with the claim because I do not see how foam can form on your drink without you preparing it in a specific way...

So, off I made a mug and was truly shocked to see one layer of foam at the top of the mixture! Science is amazing and I thought this was brilliant.

after awhile, i learnt that the foam is thicker if you used water of higher temperature - the hotter the water, the thicker the foam.... in other words, if you let your drink cool down, the foamy layer will subside ;)

Have you tried any of these yet? Don't take any of these after another because I was feeling dizzy after gulping nescafe right after Durian Divine ;P

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