Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to MAC programme - and I mean cosmetics, not electronics ;)

I am not sure if many of you are aware of this programme by MAC Cosmetics where you are able to get a free full-sized MAC lipstick of your choice for any 6 empty cases/bottles/jars/etc. of MAC.

The Back to MAC programme has been ongoing since ages ago. Although I was aware of it, I never did try this out since the only products I use from them are their loose powder and their studio tech and studio fix foundation that takes ages to finish. Recently though, in my quest to find a new lip colour that's different than the nude/neutral tones that I am used to wearing, I realised that I probably already have six of them empty containers. So, off I went to MAC to see if I could indeed get a free lipstick... which I did :)

after taking this picture, i realised i didn't even bother to clean the outer shell of the compacts *yikes!*

They showed me all the lipsticks that I could choose from with one collection totally exempted from the redemption as 100% of the sale proceeds goes to helping HIV/AIDS organisations... hence, the VIVA Glam collection is not valid in the Back to MAC programme.

I instantly saw a colour that I liked.

this colour is called, Dubonnet

Why the sudden change in my choice of lip colour, you may ask... well, let's just say that after 3 years of marriage, I just recently found out that Mr Husband has some colour preferences very different from mine... (haha... that says a lot about us, eh?) ;P and being a wife, it's natural to want to please my man :D

All these while, I never really liked wearing bold colours because firstly, they stain the teeth which makes it awful when you smile. I've learnt a trick to prevent that from happening but the odds are still there la... secondly, it stains my chin after a meal. Thirdly, the colour bleeds, which means that I would need to use a lip pencil *sigh* and fourthly, well, I just feel weird wearing a colour that stands out too much... I mean, subtle is key. But but but... after wearing it, I realised that a bold colour like this can really complement me especially on my dull-look without makeup... and that I think I look more flattering in photos when my lips are more defined compared to when I put on light pinkish/neutral colours.

Anyways, this programme applies to most items from MAC as long as you return six empty primary containers. This makes you an environmental-friendly advocate, somewhat :)

I just wish that all other beauty brands emulate this kind of programme cos omygosh, they already make so much from us. And a basic full-sized lipstick is such a small amount for them.

What do you think??


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Agree! All companies should practice this :D And I love the colour on you. I don't wear MAC lippies cos I find them a bit drying.

all jazzed up said...

I have Dubonnet too!! LOL! You look good with that colour lah!

FairyGodmother said...

looking good!!!

yup, have always been a MAC freak, and have collected 3 free lipsticks already!

my fav stain is fast act. but am tempted to try something darker after looking at your pictures!!! :D

toughcookie said...

hi paris,
thanks! i'm starting to love the shade too :)

i've used a MAC lipstick years ago but since it made my lips itch, i stopped using it. this time, i was drawn to the fact that it is free and i'm surprised that my lips are totally ok so far *crosses fingers*

toughcookie said...

heya meen,
owh we gorjes mommies need this shade to make us look hawt, i suppose? hehe... thanks, babe... i do feel good in this colour ;)

toughcookie said...

chenkyu chenkyu......... wahhh... you're even better than me... 3 already. ha try lah a dark shade like this next time ;)