Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Love With Little Girls' Closet

To some of you who are in my facebook list of friends and saw how attractive the latest collection of exclusive hand-printed batik dresses look on little jj, can now check out the latest designs in my beautiful friend's Little Girls' Closet website, where you can find Beautiful Dresses for Little Girls :)

I think the first time I helped promote her website was way back in October 2009 when she first launched her hand-smocked dress collection. As a close friend, I had the privilege to try those dresses on my little jj and I thought they were not only very pretty but they're also very neatly sewn. Best of all, I especially liked the hand-smocked detail on the dresses that run through the entire bodice, not just a small horizontal stripe like most of the smocking dresses you find everywhere else.

She shared with me on the fact that she received the most orders when I wrote about her site on this blog of mine last year (gosh... I should start charging advertorial/advertisements in here!! hehe...) and I guess it is only fair that I continue to help promote her online shop because I truly believe in her quality dresses for little girls. I think the designs are fabulous, the workmanship is pretty neat and I like that they're all pretty comfy and easy to care for....

Little Girls' Closet's Spring Batik 2010 is even prettier! There are 12 different designs in 5 vibrant colours. Everytime I put any one of them (little jj owns 4 so far) on little jj, people would always ask me where I got them dresses from... so now, look no further - go to Little Girls' Closet and be mesmerised with their latest hand-printed Batik collection.

little jj in
Simple & Stunning
little jj in
Pretty Luxury
little jj in
Halter Elegance

But but but... if you haven't got your hands on their gorgeous hand-smocked dresses, you will be pleased to note that they are ALL going at 40% discount, to make way for more new collections that are coming soon. With the 40% discount, you will still enjoy free delivery (within Malaysia only) and the dresses will be sent to you in a nicely packed package.

As for me, my hands are feeling really itchy to click on those new Batik tunic tops... they look exquisite!
photos courtesy of Little Girls' Closet
let's see... shall i take the pretty one on the most left, the center beautiful piece or that elegant one on the most right? hmmmm....

Do you like what you see?


Em's Family said...

hoping that dapat anak perempuan one fine day.. so i can go crazy for this :)

isabelle said...

gedix rasanya nak dpt babygurl jugak. harus semua bajunya warna pink

sitisabri said...

i love the halter dress! Maybe I shd grab one for Zara ;)

toughcookie said...

sementara menunggu dapat baby girl, you could always grab one or two for your best friends, family members or colleagues as gifts :) they're too pretty to resist!

haha... grab sebelum terlambat yea... :D

建佑 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot