Monday, February 8, 2010

Accessorize and Monsoon have arrived our shores!

I have wanted to update on this ages ago but have not gotten myself to write in this blog. There are so many things to be posted but I guess I should just stick to my checklist and try to update them one at a time...

While walking around the new wing of One Utama Shopping Center some time late December 2009, I was stunned to see this one outlet with a very familiar name... one that I went absolutely crazy over on a trip to London. At that time, I thought they had absolutely gorgeous stuff that have far more variations than our local accessories shop, with better quality stuff, many innovative designs and materials used, and priced so cheap (there!).

when i was in the UK, i bought this pair of baby shoes from Monsoon, for Jada at only 3 pounds...

So, when I saw Accessorize, here in Malaysia (and in 1Utama, especially!), I knew I had to go inside and check out their stuff.

These were what I got for myself... the hairband is made of metal and suitable to be worn in any occasions. I even wore it to a formal wedding dinner and it made my whole outfit absolutely stunning!

those other round stuff are actually rubber bands for you to tie your hair with... they are silver and gold in colour.

i got them because i have this habit of putting my hairband on my wrist when i let my hair down and i thought wearing this on my wrist would make them look like bracelets and will not spoil my entire look if i am in a proper or smart attire.

In the UK, Accessorize is usually side by side to Monsoon, their sister-company selling beautiful clothes. In 1Utama, Monsoon is situated inside Accessorize... once you step in, you'll walk into a small area of gorgeous accessories that you'd probably go nuts about, and a few more steps inside, you will be able to see Monsoon section.

I got the metal hairband at RM39 and the rubber bands at RM19. Quite steep compared to your normal Sinma or Giant... but you get something really stylish and lasting.

I was taken in by the metal hairband since I have been wearing my one trusted hairband almost all the time... having to breastfeed still and taking care of a baby, I always made it a habit to keep my hair combed back away from my face. But that hairband is nothing stylish and since it is made of plastic, it is seeing some effects of wear and tear.

With the metal hairband, it secures really well on my head, doesn't move forward or backwards unnecessarily, chucks away nicely in my tote without me worrying it from breaking but most of all, it is just so presentable... as it can be worn anytime, anywhere.

The sales person told me that they were already open for 2 months then, which makes it into their 4th month now in 1Utama. They also have other outlets in KLCC and Pavillion.

In 1Utama, their outlet is on the 1st Floor of the new wing.

For more info, you can go to their UK website. You can also read about them here.

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