Friday, December 11, 2009

25 Google Wave Invites Giveaway!

Mr Hubby had pointed out to me that I still have 25 Google Wave invites. Man... all those years before, all I knew was Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger.... then, came other social networks like Friendster and recently Facebook, more fondly known as FB. He was the one to introduce me to Twitter and I also indulged in many others, although not very active. All these connections allowed me to be listed in the Top 500 Social Media users in the exclusive [still under Beta], Project 500.

I still remember those days when I so wanted to use Gmail... at that time, Gmail accounts were by invitation only and was so excited to know that my girlfriend, Elaine, was one of the few initial users of Gmail. She invited me to try it out and I have not looked back since... I now hardly access my yahoo accounts and I think my other hotmail accounts have been deleted.

With all these developments, Google Wave is now in the spotlight as another innovative product from Google. I have not been able to really check it out since there are waaay too many applications open on my window... but, since I do have 25 invites for Google Wave, I would like to know if any of you would want one invite to use it.


If you do, and would like to be a part of this development and see for yourself how it will evolve in the future, do reply to this entry by leaving a comment, with your email address stated clearly. I would really like to invite those who would benefit from using it rather than just sending out invites to friends who will never use it.


hesitant said...

hi! could i have an invite if you still have spares?

toughcookie said...

dear hesitant,
have already sent you the invite... it should already arrive your inbox by now. if you have not received it, please drop me another message, ya :)