Thursday, November 26, 2009

CNI Royal Jelly Body Scrub

I have always loved to pamper my body. It has been like a habit since I was in high school to get those yummy body wash and body scrubs from Body Shop which kinda graduated further to high-end brands like CD and Clarins after my eldest son was born. Of course, throughout the journey of discovering what worked best for my skin, I have tried other brands like St. Ives, Elancyl, Aveda, Origins and Biotherm. Although all of them kinda worked quite alright, there was one particular scrub that worked better than anything I've tried and made me its loyal fan til like, forever!

See, I have always liked those yummy-smelling body scrubs but with this one particular scrub, I was willing to forgo that part since it made my skin so polished, silky-smooth and clean. And I know that I could always top it up with a yummy-smelling body wash, after. The product is called, the Smoothing Body Scrub by Clarins. It goes on with a creamy peachy-pink coloured fine-grained texture and almost melts into your skin when you work it on dry skin. As you rub it on, the cream gradually disappears, loosening up dead skin, leaving you with glowing healthy skin. And since I became such a fan of Clarins body scrub, I later tested their Toning and Relaxing scrub - both are salt scrubs that come in an orange and blue tub. Although they do not work the same way as the Smoothing Body Scrub, I love them for the aromatherapeutic scent that worked like a charm on my tired senses.

Recently though, my mother-in-law asked me to try a body scrub that she discovered and grown to love. It is by CNI and cost less than RM15. Now, I would usually brush such suggestions aside since I do not believe that something so cheap can be anything awesome. I mean, I imagined it to be either oily or runny with thick grains that could hurt if you rub too hard. But since I didn't want to be rude, I took the bottle from her and promised to give it a try when it is time for me to spend hours in the shower, for that once-a-week DIY body pampering session.

And.... my initial perception of it was proven wrong... in fact, I was utterly amazed at how well it worked! Though it didn't exfoliate the same way as my all-time favourite scrub did, I must say that the result was amazingly similar. It comes in a pale yellow gel texture with tiny grains and has a fresh scent. Though I would usually prefer scrubbing on dry skin, I actually used some water this time and worked my way in circular motions. Alas, I was left with skin that feels so clean, silky smooth with a healthy sheen.

*image credit: CNI Malaysia

This CNI Royal Jelly Body Scrub has now become a permanent fixture in my bathroom and at just RM13.80 (price in West Malaysia) in a 270ml bottle, I can afford to a silky-smooth skin every day, don't you think? *wink* kidding!

If you want to get your hands on it, I found several websites which allow you to make online purchases. Therefore, you do not need to worry about searching for a distributor nearest to you (CNI is an MLM business). Just google up CNI Malaysia and you will find several CNI online shops.

Who says you need expensive stuff to work well? ;D
Note: As the product contains royal jelly, the label at the back of the bottle did warn allergic reactions in some users where asthmatic patients can display a more serious symptom. Thus, it might be helpful if you are aware whether you are allergic to royal jelly.
P/S: To maintain a fresh and moisturised result, rinse off the residue after scrubbing and cleanse with a body wash before patting your skin dry. Finish the pampering session with a rich body lotion on damp skin to protect and moisturise your body.

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