Sunday, February 8, 2009

Anyone Can Cook! taken from Chef Gusteau's catchphrase in Ratatouille.

More and more puree this long weekend, starting with just 2 today.

07/02/2009 - Share on Ovi
top ice-cube pack: tomato & cauliflower gratin
bottom ice-cube pack: mango puree

07/02/2009 - Share on Ovi
TRIVIA: how does one peel the outer skin of a tomato??
if you don't already know it, Annabel Karmel gave really
cool instructions. i was awed...

And since I don't want to turn this blog into a cooking blog, 'little jj' shall provide the details in her blog ;P

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Cosmic_GurL said...

Yes I believe anyone can cook too but the question is whether it's edible or not..hahahaha