Monday, August 2, 2010

Biotene F1rst Teeth Baby Toothpaste: Made for babies.

My little pwincesh loves it when I brush her teeth... instead of saying 'gosok gigi', she would say, "syo-gok" even when I have heard her say 'gosok' a few times before... I guess she knows when she sounds cute and how much we would go all 'awwww....' at her whenever she repeats a word after us in her own cute way ;P

She has been using the Stage 1 toothbrush from Oral B and I bought for her the usual Kimodo toothpaste in orange flavour. However, after awhile, I started to question how safe is the toothpaste when consumed by toddlers like her who finds it so difficult to gargle and spit. We've showed her and taught her many times but she kept drinking the water we use for her to rinse. So much so, that I have been giving her boiled water since I know she'd drink it up instead of spitting the toothpaste out.

I mean, have you thought of that before? If you read the label on the kids' toothpaste, you will see that it is made with children in mind, most possibly those above the age of 3 or 4. The content may be harmful in the long run if your toddler keeps swallowing it after every teeth-brushing session. But I can't possibly brush her teeth without any toothpaste because I just feel that it's awkward since she'd always see us putting something on our toothbrushes.

I am glad, though, that while this thought struck me, I instantly found what I have been looking for... the Biotene First Teeth Baby Toothpaste!

click on the picture for a bigger image.

I wasn't even looking! I merely went into Guardian Pharmacy in KLCC to get some baby toiletries and this was practically gawking at me, telling me that I should grab it because it has answered my prayers :)

The tube is small at 40g, yes, and the price is probably 4 times what you'd pay for a children's toothpaste but then again, it is such a small price to pay, knowing that you've done your part for your baby's health.

It only comes in this one flavour - natural apple-banana, and when I brushed little jj's teeth that night, she said, "mmmm... daapp!" (sedap/yummy) while the toothbrush was in her mouth hehe... it must taste really good to her, eh?

And, as the box clearly says - the content is safe to swallow, there are no artificial preservatives or colours, contains no fluoride that can cause an upset tummy (among others), yet still prevents tooth decay with calcium protective milk enzymes. After brushing her teeth, I could see that her teeth was just as clean, they sparkle like diamonds (well, almost!) and best of all, little jj would always look forward to her syo-gok sessions :)

click on the photo to read the inscription at the back of the box.

I don't quite remember the actual price as I couldn't find the receipt but I do know that it is around RM20-RM21.


FairyGodmother said...

oh okies! will go and mine for the kids!

Elizabeth said...

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