Monday, May 31, 2010

Seeing the better side of things.

Today has been a little frustrating... first of all, the internet connection sucked since morning.

We have been using Izzi broadband for more than 2 years totally hassle-free. Now, once we have renewed our 3rd year with them, the internet service seems to have dwindled away... we never got disconnected, ever, but recently it has been downright frustrating with its intermittent connection and worse still, we would always experience a no connection every time it rains. Like wth?

Then, there has been some lagging with my microsoft word application. It is original, mind you, and it happened once before... every time I make any amendments to a file I am working on, it immediately hangs and I am forced to quit the application. Today itself, I had to type one word and made sure I saved the file... saved the file every single time one word was typed so that when I force quit the application, the changes remain. Damn it!

Then, there was a power outage around 3.30pm just now due to heavy rain and I cringed at the thought of my computer not shutting down properly *urgghh*

After all these, and feeling so blardy irritated about the whole thing, I took a second look at myself and let out a deep breath, knowing very well that what I am facing is nothing compared to an ex-colleague who just lost his beloved wife early this morning. Though I hardly knew his wife, I felt a little disturbed by that piece of news because I can't help feeling very sad for their 2-year old daughter, who probably needs her more than ever at this very tender age.

Sometimes we all get so consumed by all these minute things happening in our lives that we forgot to say thanks to Him for this opportunity to live another day, to breathe in the beauty of life and share our happiness with those closest to us.


Sarclover said...

My condolences as well to your friend.

And yes, I do agree with you. Sometimes we would be so preoccupied with the our small issues, that we forgot that other people is facing issues bigger than ours.

Well.. like what I have written in my blog... carpe Diem. Make the best out of what we have today. :)

isabelle said...

i hate my dull days nowadays...

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

I had a friend who passed on to the grace of God leaving her children at the tender age of 4 (i guess) and 3 months old..
On the quiet afternoons, i would secretly pass by her house just to see how her kids are doing..and they are fine under His protection!. Inshaallah, your friend's daughter is also well taken care of..not only by her father but also by Allah. Amin.

Konot said...

sad news.. :(
alfatihah to arwah.. and my condolebces to the family..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi, read your present computer hiccup problems. That bad, huh? I can imagine the frustrations of having to do things all over again.
Suggest you stay easy.....our life today is not a dress rehearsal. We only get to play one round.
And to live our life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

You have a pleasant week, stay young and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.