Friday, March 7, 2014

I see berry pretty colours everywhere I go.

I've been noticing a healthy increase in my lip colours in varied forms and realised that there are always that small pool of colours which I'd reach out to use. The fact that I like them so much made me wonder how I am currently preferring these beauties which are all named under the same family.


I don't really pay much attention to current colours that are considered the "in" thing but through the years I noticed that I'd have that preference pool of colours which I'd reach out to. At one point I was choosing coral colours over everything else, then one year after finding out that Mr Oosband actually likes bright red, I've been experimenting on many shades of red. Last year I saw myself reaching out to softer pinks and the year before, I think I liked dark tones of reddish brown. The funny part was also getting gifts in the colour that I preferred. For instance, the Stila Lip Glaze up there, I got that at this year's new year gift exchange and coincidentally it is aptly named Cranberry.

As I noticed that even gifts I received from the previous years were in the colours of my choice in those respective time, it got me to wonder if it's because they came in abundance due to them being the current trend at each relevant period or because it was just a coincidence that my preference had shifted in each year.

L-R: Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Broadest Berry, Estee Lauder Pure Color Shine in Brazen Berry, Estee Lauder Pure Color High Gloss in Berry Lush and Stila Lip Glaze in Cranberry.

Not forgetting one of my most favourite colour, Sundried Berry by Lancome's Le Lipstique

So I went online and checked the current trends and apparently, it was reported that even the recent Oscar showed berry lips as the "in" thing. 

According to Fashion Magazine, it was burnt-berry though... 

And apparently, the 2014 Spring Fashion Week also saw berry lips by Michael Kors on his models. It seems that a nice shade of berry would perk up a minimalistic look.

I read that berry lips was already the trend from fall of 2013. To tell you the truth, I've never really paid close attention to the colour trends of the fashion seasons but since I wonder why it is such that I have a peculiar preference at different periods of my life made me seriously question it. Funny that I'd question myself something like this for such a simple matter. But it does sound serious when I'd keep getting myself lip colours of the same family. Like how many berries do you actually need?? ;)

But really, I think that berry tones do suit many skin types. Fashion trends are many but I don't think one should choose a colour based on current trends. However, it is really wonderful to be able to choose from a large shade of the berry family and explore to see if the shades do complement our skin tone and look of the day. And what better time to explore if not for its abundance due to it being the trend...

It's nice to have a variation of colours to change your looks especially since lipsticks would usually be the main tool of every woman's makeup diet. I mean, you can still leave home without eye shadow or blusher or even foundation but I don't think any woman would leave home without lipstick (gloss, glaze and pencils included), right?

What is your preferred colour recently?


lyn said...

Berry shades are lovely and you look nice in them. I wear berries quite a bit too and they do go well with almost anything.

toughcookie said...

Thanks, Lyn. And your selection of colour for the Stila Lip Glaze is awesome. Love the colour because it comes out strong when applied but later fade to a soft berry tone and still maintain its moisturising properties.

plue said...

that estee lauder berry lush is pretty! i like!

berry shades are rather easy to wear, blot them stronger ones off for a stain effect, vamp them up for night! normally that's what I do la~ :P