Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kerastase Specifique Stimuliste - Works well to prevent hair loss and maintain a healthy scalp

I have not had a good hair treatment in a long time. Back then when I was single, I indulged in hair treatments very regularly that my hair exude a healthy shine.

Now with age and after a several pregnancies, I noticed that my hair isn't as easy to manage as before. And when I do visit different salons for a hair wash, they would all tell me the same thing - that my scalp is very oily and sensitive, and my hair is weak at the roots.

I have to admit to them that yes, I did notice my hair weaken since the last one year or so. Hair fall has been in bundles but I have never felt I needed to worry too much since I do have plenty of hair on my head. It's just that very recently I started noticing that my hair was so easy to pull off whenever I wash my hair at the shower. I would be pulling a big glob without even pulling (get it?) and it can feel a little overwhelming.

So, when I had my hair treatment at a salon near my office, I started to take their advise seriously. I went back to using a shampoo I've used before (and stopped using already after the bottle finished) but what made a lot of difference was this particular product, called Stimuliste...


I noticed that my scalp has been getting extremely oily too quickly despite me using a shampoo that is not too strong and despite me not applying conditioner near the scalp area. And I know that oily scalp would more or less make the hair roots weaken.

What I especially love is the spray nozzle. It delivers precise amount onto the scalp.

Yes, this product is major expensive... At about RM120+ for a hair product of a 125 ml size, I have never bought anything this expensive. But I thought I should do something about my crowning glory as my hair is getting really long and heavy, and the scalp should be healthy enough to be able to withstand the challenges of having a long hair.

I shampoo my hair every 2 days but my hair would always get super oily by noon of the 2nd day... sometimes, it gets super oily even in the morning that I would wash my hair before I go to work on the 2nd day. It looks and feel really horrible. And by washing my hair that frequently, almost to a daily frequency, the hair would tend to be extra stressed.

I am told that this product is safe to be used frequently, especially after every shampoo. I mean, I would shampoo and condition my hair as usual and after I towel-dry my hair, I would spray this on to sections of hair, directly onto the scalp.

You're supposed to spray on a single section of the hair onto the scalp and press the formula into the scalp by tapping the scalp with your fingers... almost like massaging except that the movement of the fingers need not be too hard. You wouldn't want to break your weak hair or pull them out altogether.

Once you have finished spraying and massaging in in all the sections of the hair, you're supposed to massage the head lightly by pressing your fingers on the pressure points of the head to ensure better absorption of the product. 

Then, you can continue to finish with a styling product or beauty oil by applying it at the ends of the hair.

As of today, I have been using the product for 2 weeks (approximately 6 times). I can see positive results almost instantaneously. The scent is mild and pleasing, and it has kept my scalp fresh and clean for an entire 2 days before my next hair wash session.

After 4 or 5 times of usage, I noticed that hair fall has reduced dramatically and at one point, I was amazed looking at my hair brush after I combed my hair while it is wet... there were hardly any strands of hair stuck on the brush. It was really astounding.


Of course, the scalp is never perfect or that consistent due to my hormonal changes but I have seen  wonderful improvements and I do think this is one of my priceless beauty items at this moment. I am not sure though, how long it will last because you don't just spray it onto the scalp one time... at each wash, you probably have about 10 - 12 hair sections so that would make it 10 - 12 sprays at one time of usage. But let's worry about that later... I mean if there is an improvement, I'd want to revisit if this product should become a staple in beauty chest or that I can stop using this/use it less frequently.

Have you tried this before or seen it in salons? What are the major issues you actually have with your hair?

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Aarthi;) said...

Thanks for the review. I have just purchased stimuiste after my hair just kept coming away and I was getting freaked. Hope you are still using this product, yes it is super pricy but if it promises to do its job then why not.