Monday, March 16, 2009

Annabel Karmel inspired: Yes, anyone can cook!

Yup... I have been one busy woman the last couple of weeks... Alhamdulillah... a few jobs came pouring in, one after another and my schedule looks pretty tight til early April.

This weekend was a mad one due to this sudden hecticness, coupled with the fact that little jj's puree stock and pounded fried anchovies are depleting. So... while finishing up this financial translation job due for tomorrow, I had to juggle precious time for my precious pwincesh's tummy needs ;P

And since it is already 2.45am right now, I guess I'll just tease you with some yummy pictures of Annabel Karmel's delicious recommendations... a continuation from the previous puree adventure!

It all started with the basic - preparing chicken stock before other yummy meals can be prepared, and fried anchovies (without oil) for that extra natural saltish taste to add to little jj's every meal.

stock & anchovies - Share on Ovi

Then, the rest of them came...

Yummylicious 1 - Eat Your Greens

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eat your greens cube - Share on Ovi
It's main ingredients are potato, peas, broccoli and spinach.

I have to tell you that it tastes sooo delicious, surprisingly. Much better than the last spinach recipe I made in the last puree adventure.

The next few meals have similar colours when they are pureed since they all contain carrots... lots and lotsa carrots.

Yummylicious 2 - Mini Minestrone

This recipe wasn't a planned one. But as I was preparing the rest, I thought the recipe looked so simple and I had all the ingredients for it.

What I like best about this recipe is that it reminds me of my best friend, Sue, out there far away with her hubby in Abu Dhabi... whenever we'd meet up at Dome, she would usually order Minestrone Soup... in a way, she was the one who introduced me to this delicious meal. And now, I thought it would be lovely for little jj to have her first taste of it too ;D

abc - Share on Ovi
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the best part is, mommy went a little overboard by using
alphabet pasta hehe... with hopes that little jj will be reading
in no time since she has eaten up all the alphabets ;P

Yummylicious 3 - Chicken with leek, carrot & peas

chickenleek - Share on Ovi
chickenleek cubes - Share on Ovi
since little jj loves chicken, i had to make sure i try another

Yummylicious 4 - Braised beef with carrot and potatoes

braised beef - Share on Ovi
braisedbeef cubes - Share on Ovi
actually, the recipe includes parsnip and sweet potatoes but
parsnip is a little difficult to find and little jj doesn't quite
like sweet potatoes. so, i've eliminated them from here.

Yummylicious 5 - Fillet with carrot, cheese and tomato

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fillet recipe - Share on Ovi

I was mighty surprised with this recipe... the fish fillet is cooked separately in the microwave with just additional unsalted butter and milk but it came out tasting so delicious, even on its own! This gave me an inspiration in case I am lazy to cook in the future, just chuck in that fish into a dish, take some chopped onions and a few bits of peppercorn for additional taste, milk and butter... in 3-4 minutes on high and walah... a creamy tasting fish...

Yummylicious 6 - Salmon surprise

salmon recipe - Share on Ovi
salmon in orange - Share on Ovi
salmon dipped in orange juice with cheese spread on top...
doesn't it look the same as the picture in the book?

I didn't do all of them within a day because that would be really crazy. They were all spread throughout the weekend, with the last one just completed around 1am earlier today. I'd want to prepare one more dish but I am out of carrots... hehe.

as i was saying - Share on Ovi
mommy, the alphabets in the mini minestrone will be
blended into a puree... how do you expect me to
read the alphabets...

I am still wide awake from that dose of strong coffee but I think I shall head to bed soon. Nighty nite.


Chech said...

I fell in love with the alphabet pasta, too, when I saw it at Jusco :D.

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

baru nak tanya, where you got that alphabet pasta from.... thanks chech... macam nak rak, i carik at cold storage tapi tak jumpa.....

good for you babe and i can feel your satisfaction from this entry.... nak recipe salmon tu boleh? i usually put a dash of salt & black peppercorn and a bit of lemon juice before I grilled it.... Areya now loves salmon pasta with lotsa cheese...

toughcookie said...

dear chech,
yup, that was where i got it from ;P so terkejut that jusco ada tapi cold storage yang supposedly 'kelasss' tu kat bsc tu langsung takde hehe...

but i wished that the alphabets are larger in size.. senang nanti buat alphabet soup... this ones's really tiny.

dear anis,
pi jusco 1utama. they have plenty! hehe... i found it by chance and was soooo excited about it ;P

sure... nanti i send you thru email... cannot la publish it out kang annabel karmel marah pulak eh...

babe, sori tak sempat reply your sms last night. your fren tu tak call pun dunno why. they probably found someone else kot... no worries, babe.. if they need me, they can always call, ya.

hope to see you again soon la. *hugs*

Ms B said...


I luv minestrone too! My lunch actually. Takde masa nak makan so usually soup with bread or jacket potato with hot filling. But minestrone tops them all.

The Wan And Only said...

can you pls elaborate on the salmon surprise? is that for the wee one too? i love salmon..

so, just out of curiosity, and the fact I dun have a baby, do you melt the iced stuff first before feeding her or you let her eat it like ice cream?

Amy said...

Owhhhh chubbynya pipi diaaa! Geram! :)

toughcookie said...

dear ms b,
best kan... now that i have the recipe, i can make one for myself yummy!

hey... i love jacket potato too. hmmm... let's see if i have that recipe as well ;P

halo che wan,
memang la for the wee one haiyoh... the picture was taken before the salmon was cooked inside the microwave la... if it was up to me, i would have eaten it raw like sashimi. yummy...

no la, dude... kena heat up the food before feeding her unless it's apple cubes or mangoes, fruits la basically, as those can be eaten like ice cream to soothe a baby's swollen gums due to teething.

nak cuba? ;P

hi amy,
hehe... i suka makan pipi dia. macam kuih pau. ye la... bapak dia kan tak bagi cubit... so, i makan la hehe.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Lady, was at Amy's noticed your callsign.
Allow me to say, there is no spectacle on Earth more appealing than that of a beautiful wife or mother in the act of cooking dinner for the people she loves.

You keep a song in your heart and have a pleasant week, best regards, Lee.

The Wan And Only said...

got no babies of me own... but i will try the salmon recipe... cam best jer...

toughcookie said...

dear uncle lee,
thank you so much for your kind words and thanks for dropping by...

you have a good week ahead as well :D

i tell you, the recipes memang boleh apply to adults... cuma mebbe kalau people like my hubby, he'd always say they would taste so much better with additional salt (if he were to eat them la...). so, you probably would want to add a dash of salt here and there.

i shall email you the recipe. memang sedap.

Crash Test Mom said...

thank you for sharing all these yummy recipes. my baby is now enjoying home-made pureed meals as opposed to store-bought jar one, to my absolute relief. it's nice to see how you vary her menu.

The Wan And Only said...

yay! thanks! :)

toughcookie said...

dear crash test mom,
i managed to visit your blog and saw how adorable your daughter is. it feels good, kan, that she is now eating home-made puree.

regarding the variation in her menu, i guess i had obtained a really good cookbook. the recipes in that book is categorised according to the developmental age of a baby. therefore, you try a few and move on to several more. they have plenty more than what i have tried, though ;D

take care.

dah dapat tak? sent from my toughcookee gmail. enjoysss...

emly2175 said...

your pics really make me wanna get that book which I think I will buy it. Not now la.. Have to wait until this one pops up in August.

Aiyoh! Lil J is so chubby!! So cute la.. U make Aunty wanna pinchhhhhhh your pipi tembam!

toughcookie said...

hi emly,
haa.... if you really want, i can get the book for you. august lambat lagi, sempat nak order if it goes out of stock :D

acat tak bagi pinch her cheeks. so, i makan her cheeks instead... macam kuih pau hehe.

FairyGodmother said...

dear toughcookie:

hi, been reading acat's blog, and finally managed to read yours. yay!

i just delivered, and my rashard is 3 solids will be very soon...

i just love the recipes and it is sooo lucky for jada to have a great mommy like you.

will be back to read more!

FairyGodmother said...

err..and another question..

how do u reheat the cubes?

toughcookie said...

dear fairygodmother,
thank you for those kind words. i guess she is one lucky girl, isn't she? as for me, it is my pleasure to prepare all these dishes because i am a SAHM and i would love for her to try all those delicious recipes from annabel karmel's books.

according to the book, you can just reheat it on a frying pan on slow heat. but for me, i just chuck it into my microwave oven and put it on 'sensor reheat' where the oven will automatically turn off when the food is reheated completely. sometimes, when i have the food in a non-microwavable dish, i'd just put it in my electric steamer and steam it for 5-10 minutes. hope you find these info helpful.

take care and good luck with your little rashard :D