Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tartę Maracuja Oil

Got this a few months back as a gift for shopping in a Sephora store during some special festive occasion and didn't even considered to use it.

I think I've been stressing my skin out after testing several skincare product in a short span of time. You can see the lack of updates recently because I've not only been busy at a new job but more so because I've somehow stopped being over-adventurous with my skincare excursions.

My skin has been good enough until early this year since I've been trying out organic and products without silicones, which meant plenty of trial and errors and finding out that natural skincare may not necessarily work as well as you expect it to work. Worse still when my skin's confused to it being oily to dehydrated to super sensitive and being so stressed out. Like I know when it is stressed out and I'd feel more stress with its condition. I get something to work well and then I add something anti-ageing to the regiment and there goes all the good results which I've been trying to maintain. It sucks...

Can't believe that I'm still in search for the right formula and trying my best to avoid committing to more skincare trials.

And tonight, I'm feeling all stressed up while I open up this deluxe sample of the Maracuja Oil which I've heard so much of... I can never use oil products for long term yet I have this small window of hope in me who'd want to believe that I'd find one that works perfectly... for more than 3 months, at least. Oh boy.

Now how do we use this thing... smells quite horrible too. 2-3 drops, ok. 


xin said...

i decanted some from Lyn, gosh it smells really bad, and it didn't work for me, it just felt oily on my skin...and that's it!

toughcookie said...

hi xin,
i have to agree with you on the smell. it is extremely bad. but i persevered. used it for 2 weeks and every morning, i wake up to smooth dewy skin. but only 2 weeks. after the 2nd week, my skin started to get clogged with the oil.

there goes my hope ;P