Friday, November 13, 2009

My Goals

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I may not be an expert on the items or issues that I will be reviewing but I know these things:
  1. I shall perform a sufficient study on the item and how it works best before writing a review
  2. I am a user of the item and have used it long enough to be able to tell you what I think about it
  3. I give you my views on issues close to my heart or something that I feel so strong about, enough to warrant a blog post. It's up to you to consider the points and I don't expect everyone to agree with me.
Hopefully, I can come up with the most balanced opinion but I am not afraid to pen my thoughts otherwise, if I feel that the item or issues at hand can be improved further. But, if you have a better understanding of the issue and would like to correct me on my points, I welcome your thoughts as long as you can express them in a rational and unbiased way. After all, we are just sharing the information for everyone to benefit from it. Any rude comments will be ignored and deleted.

Those of you who would like for your blogs/new products in the market/etc. to be reviewed, kindly drop me an email and we shall take it from there.