Saturday, September 2, 2017

Apple Airpods Review

RM 849 where they sell Apple stuff.
So after subtly hinting at the wifey using pinterest (Things i want at some point), i finally got my hands on the Apple Airpods. We still celebrate our "date-versarry" which was on the 30th of August, 12 yearsago. Man time sure flies when you're having fun eh?

Anyways back to the Airpods. For my "listening while commuting" pleasure, i have a Jabra Move over the ear headphones that has served me well. It's red and not discreet, but i've yet gotten anyone thinking that i was a DJ and ask me to spin some tunes yet. I was looking for something smaller and i did look around at other options but somehow i came back to the Airpods. The lure of yet another apple device is so strong!! But then again, the wife will never say anything if i wanted to get anything from Apple. They just work!

So we got mine at epiCenter at the Curve, she told me that she wanted to get it online from the apple store but it took almost 2 weeks for delivery. Who has time for that? So while we were out scoping out Ikea, we popped into the the first store that sold it and got it. I remembered when it first came out, it was really hard trying to get hold of one but i guess they've replenished the stock eh.

Minimalist packaging.
The first thing you will notice is how simple the packaging is, but then again if you're using Apple, its really all you can expect from them. The design language is consistent across all their products. There's some instructions and the Airpods in the charging case, and u get a lightning cable to charge the pods. Setting them up is easier than to set the apple watch. The first time you flip open the case, your phone will automatically detect and ask you to connect. That's it. Your done. Put them in your ears and you're good to go.
What you get in the box.
Flip it open and it automatically connects.
These are some very smart earphones. It has sensors that tells it if it is in your ears or if you have taken them out, stopping music and continuing it accordingly. You can program different actions when you tap on the Airpods, and you can have different actions for both left and right airpods. I set mine to call up siri on the left and skip to the next track on the right. But of course you can always google up the specs to know about the finer technical details of the airpods here.

So how does it fare on normal use? So far i have only gotten a few minutes airtime whilst going to the carwash, but they sound good, but to be fair i'm not really an audiophile to be able to distinguish the different aspects of a good headphones. Calls sound clear and double tapping works as advertise. It fits me alright, tried jumping up and down and thankfully it stayed in my ears.
Settings appear and is accessible via the bluetooth options.
If the standard earpods that comes with the iphone fits than you won't have any problems with the airpods. In fact, it's difficult to tell them apart with a glance eh. Well the wires are a dead giveaway. You can use just the one airpod on its own, as a bluetooth headset, if you talk a lot then you would have one that can theoretically last you for days. 

Which is which?
Anyways, it's early days yet for me, and the Airpods does have a lot of potential. Here's hoping i don't lose them whilst out on a run or anything like that. Yeah right, me running eh. 

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