Friday, May 23, 2014

The Clinique Chubby Stick Intense added to my collection of favourite lip colours.

I've raved before many times in here, twitter and Instagram how much I love my Revlon chubby sticks. I have so many colours from their collections that could probably last me another 5 years though in general, the lifespan of lip colours (depending on how you use and store them) is only for a good 1-2 years. But the fact that I use the term "chubby sticks" instead of lip crayons or balm stains shows who coined the term more effectively. And I believe that a lot of beauty enthusiasts out there also take this term as a general name for these beauties that resemble a pencil but in a fatter, chubbier form.

Naturally, when the term chubby sticks is in place, one couldn't help but want to own one from the brand that made it popular ;)

I once received a gift of Clinique's original chubby stick but it was a little drying for me and the colour was patchy on my naturally dry lips. So, I didn't really like it and never took a second look at it.

But quite recently, I was tempted seeing that Clinique had come up with a new formula - the new Chubby Stick Intense - a moisturising lip colour balm. And we all know how much I like that word for a lippie - moisturising - as I was born with dry lips. Nothing could help me except a good formulated moisturising lipstick. Since I've recently preferred chubby sticks from the conventional lipsticks, this development is welcoming... more chubby sticks to add to my favourite colours!

It was even more tempting when I received a 10% voucher for my purchases in Sephora and at RM68 per stick, I got Broadest Berry, a colour that has become a favourite for me. When I instagrammed this the day after I purchased it, another good friend of mine who's also a beauty enthusiast commented that she was wearing the same colour that day. Wasn't that great?

My days couldn't be lovelier when the gorgeous people of Clinique sent me another colour to try, named, Roomiest Rose, a more radiant colour that would perk up the complexion. You'd think that I already have so many chubby sticks of other brands yet I find myself constantly picking up these colours because they're so wearable, they fit in any occasions and they are just so moisturising. 

Perhaps I got a little excited about the moisturising factor because Revlon does theirs equally moisturising in their Lacquer Balm. However, Lacquer Balm is more of a thinner texture and would fade through a meal. The Chubby Stick Intense is more moisturising than their original chubby stick family yet the texture is so creamy and the colour lasts. And what more would you expect coming from Clinique - all wearable colours that look natural and suit almost any skin tones.

I've tried photographing swatches but I never got the right lighting and the colours do not look right. So, these are among the photos of me which I thought represent the colour well, in the right lighting. On the top photo was me wearing Roomiest Rose while the bottom one's Broadest Berry. 

Have you come across these chubby beauties? They're quite lovely, you know :)

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aisyah Chronicles said...

Chubby stick is definitely a cuter term than crayon :) they're everywhere, aren't they? Seems like every brands are coming out with their own version but I have yet to purchase any of the higher end ones. It's hard to shell out so much cash when there are plenty of drugstore versions around. Those look pretty though. ^^